CIRCULAR NO: 19 Date: 01.10.2015


CIRCULAR NO: 19                     Date: 01.10.2015

Sub : Conduct of SA-1 Re-test for all the classes including Class IX and X for the session

         2015-16 – reg.

Ref No : F.170346/2015-16/KVS(CHER)/ dated 30.09.15

All the class teachers   are requested to inform the schedule of Re-test of SA -1 for the students who could not appear in SA-1 due to medical /other genuine reasons. For other details, please go through the circular no mentioned above.


Date  Day VI- VIII IX X
07.10.15 Wednesday Social Science Social Science Maths
08.10.15 Thursday  Sanskrit
09.10.15 Friday Hindi Hindi/Sanskrit English
12.10.15 Monday Science Science Social Science
14.10.15 Wednesday English English Hindi/Sanskrit
16.10.15 Friday Maths Maths Science



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